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Henry Flynt 
Purifed by the Fire

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Lau Nau

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Sleeping in the Market, Ethiopian Music & Sounds from Amhara

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Naked Prey Original Soundtrack

Education Loan Basics Explained

If you want to boost your career prospects, it’s really important to continue your education. The stats show that a huge number of recruiters also prefer choosing the well-qualified candidates over everyone else. But the expenses of a University are a major problem for some students. You’d have to pay thousands of dollars in the form of annual fees and living expenses.

When you’re living in Singapore, you cannot save enough money to manage the expenses of post-secondary education. Those, who have already saved a few bucks for their studies, would also need additional funds to pursue their studies.

The good news is that every student can now follow his goals even if he doesn’t have enough money to pay for it. The banks and other financial institutes have made things a lot easier for the students so they may manage their fees and living expenses. Here is some information about education loans that are currently available for students:

Loans from Banks

Many banks offer education loans with reasonable interest rates such as DBS Bank, CIMB Bank, and OCBC. The interesting part is that these loans can be repaid over extended periods. If you compare these loans with government schemes, you will find them expensive.

The candidates need to fulfill the requirements of the bank because the banks need to make sure whether the borrower can pay the loan within the agreed loan period or not. The bank will also charge you 2-3% of the total amount in the form of processing fees.

Most of the time, the bank might also ask for a guarantor be it your parent, sibling, or even your spouse. And there is a specific eligibility criterion for a guarantor as well.