Apothecary Hymns

With a treasure trove of analogue, swirling effects, arch songcraft and a sweet yet assured vocal delivery, trowel & era brings to the table the epic debut long player by the one man band Apothecary Hymns (Aka Alex Stimmel). Stimmel has made a collection with one foot in kaleidoscopic coastal loner psych that floats on a musical bed of whimsical levity and another foot rooted firmly in the grand ethos of east village troubadours of the mid 60s.

Alex Stimmel: acoustic & electric guitars 6 & 12 string guitars, banjo, bass, drums, wurlitzer, analog synth, organ, flute, recorder, kalimba (African finger piano), autoharp, glockenspiel, voice, & tape manipulation


1. Abandoned Factories
2. The Father
3. The Marigold
4. The Human Abstract
5. Watching the Bay
6. (A Sailor Song)
7. The Conclusion, In Which Nothing Is Concluded
8. All True Love Is Happiness
9. In The Icy Beds


“Mr. Stimmel pulls off classic Syd Barrett moves the way most people pull off socks; combining acoustic and electric guitars to create a folk rock readymade with loner and acid proclivities. Beat that with a stick!”
~Byron Coley, the Wire

“a splendid listening experience that no fan of melodic psych should be without.” 
Simon Lewis, Ptolemaic Terrascope

“One-man acid-folk-psych sounds…here stalking strange corners of a land somewhere between The Madcap Laughs, 5,00 Spirits and Relatively Clean Rivers. Eerie melodies decorated with some pleasingly freaky guitar lines. He’s captured an elusive and unique sound here that really works. My favorite track: “(A Sailor Song)” ~Mike Stax, Ugly Things

“A sparkling fluid and melodic folk rock with supple multiinstrumental playing blending into a bandlike cohesion, with fine psychedelic poetic lyrics… starts as an introverted fractured folk ala solo Syd Barrett waking up in a sleepy glade. Slow almost country unfoldings to reach a big electric guitar, bass and drums sections before we return to Syd’s meadow.” ~George Parsons, Dream Magazine

“This album is beautifully timeless: a curio that could be from any era but, like Dylan, sounds inalterably embedded in the mythos of the peoples American history. Trowel & Era is a cross between California loner psych and journeyman troubadour folk. And of course this means that Apothecary Hymns is all about cutting through any facade or pretension and letting the music speak for itself, as real as possible. And it’s authenticity like this that we need now more than ever.” – Status Magazine

“Locust released their fuzzed-out 60s folk-rock debut last month to relatively little fanfare, but holy shit, this band’s great and way more Zeppelin and Sabbath than their woodsy name lets on. Then again, if you saw the name and thought Jethro Tull you wouldn’t be wrong either. With heavy riffs that aren’t afraid to be melodic too, Apothecary Hymns-you’re gonna love this-won’t be sitting on a park bench for long.” – Village Voice

“Apothecary Hymns is a multi-talented, multi-instrumental musical genius whose given name is actually Alex Stimmel. He wrote, performed, recorded, and produced this sweetly swaying rush of aural lushness in a fit of pure creative radiance, and it’s quite an amazing accomplishment on its very own merits. Sounding like a trippy tugboat troubadour who guzzles liquid LSD by the gallon, Alex grandly guides the listener into a dazzling, vibrantly colorful journey of epic audio proportions. It’s all-at-once dreamy, childlike, jubilant, and uplifting like a beatific, melody-enriched fairytale written and sung by Syd Barrett in medieval times. I shall now drink a tankard of mead and savor the succulent sounds of Trowel & Era for another lifetime or two.” – Under the Volcano

(Trowel & Era) effortlessly glides around the imaginary triangle that connects country, folk and psychedelia” – Time Out New York