A little something about us
Locust Music is a Chicago based record label. Since around 2001, we’ve issued recordings that cover a variety of styles from psychedelic pop, spoken word, peculiar sound art to earthen folk, jazz and vintage electronic music. Our ears are wide open

We continue to maintain a pretty simple open door policy on demos and you or your band are more than welcome to send us what you wish to the address below. Just keep in mind that sometimes it takes us a little while to get through what has come in at any given point in time. That said, we do listen to everything and if we are interested in your music, we’ll drop you a line. Unfortunately, at this time, it’s too hard to write back to everyone who sends us a demo. We don’t have the manpower to tackle the many crates of discs that have been submitted & still write a real, human response to what you have made and that’s what we feel you deserve. Don’t let that deter you, though. We’re generally tongue tied by the amount of great stuff that hits our p.o. box & are enthused by everyone out there driven by the need to create, cultivate and produce music.

Something to keep in mind:

There’s no need to ask us if we’d like to hear your recordings before sending them. Just send them along and we’ll check them out. CD-r, dat, previous cds or records and cassettes are all totally acceptable for us. We even have an in-house 8 track player.

Where can I find your releases?
locust is available through many fine independent distributors like Forced Exposure, Carrot Top, Revolver, Chicago Independent, Nail / Allegro as well as some excellent mailorder outfits like Eclipse, Time-Lag & Fusetron in the U.S. and carried by many of the better record stores across the country.

We also encourage you to order directly from us through our web store. Everything listed is sure to be in stock & ready to ship. If you have questions about an order, drop a line to raisin@locustmusic.com


If you work at a shop and you want to get ahold of our stuff or just feel like touching base, please contact sales@locustmusic.com & we will try to point you in the right direction.